The Concept Of Home Wellness | Creating A Nurturing Space

The Concept Of Home Wellness | Creating A Nurturing Space

According to the Global Wellness Day Organization, wellness can be defined as an active process of becoming fully aware and making choices towards a healthy and fulfilling life, using the appropriate tools to make a you happier human being.

With all the buzz around this lifestyle, the home is somewhat deemed unpopular, compared to mental and physical wellness. Odd right? [even though research shows that a healthy and happy home is vital for our overall well-being, and our personal environment has the power to influence our mood] So perhaps we should promote wellness in the home a little more.

Without putting pressure on trying to define this concept, we can simply describe home wellness as the act of intentionally creating a healthy, nurturing space that supports you. A spiritual headquarters if you will, and this can be done in various ways.

Eliminate Clutter

Did you know that visual clutter can affect our anxiety levels, ability to focus and can generate more of the stress hormone cortisol in the brain? No, thanks! To combat this, put on some happy music and give your space a good clear out. This can double as a gentle exercise which releases endorphins [the happy hormone] to the brain, yay!

Create Calm Spaces

I love the fact that you can create your own oasis in the comfort of your home, for you and your family to enjoy. Colours, lighting and scent can largely determine our state of mind, so it is beneficial to consider relaxing tones, soft textures, warmer lights and soothing aromas to infuse your space with harmony and balance. Sounds super zen right?

Bring The Outdoors In

Is there a rise in popularity for indoor gardening? Yes, but we cannot deny its benefits. Nature affects us in powerful yet positive ways, so bringing plants and greenery into your home can stimulate and energise you, as well as boost your productivity.

Design A Suitable Work Space

Speaking of productivity, having a dedicated work space can help draw a line between your work and personal life. With deadlines to meet and personal goals to achieve, mixing both can increase one's stress levels which goes against the concept of home wellness. So, clearly define your work space, if possible near a window for natural light and air.

In addition to all this, creating a healthy home means being commited to a new, improved way of living and to care for the space that cares for you.

Love, C.

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